A Little Late To The Party

Here we are almost a month in to the new year and I forgot to mention my memories from 2016. I had all this drawn out back in December but that’s usually when life runs away with you with the holidays, work, people, families, etc.

2016 was certainly an adventure and a lot of fun aside from the celebrity bubonic plague that took many of our cherished actors and singers throughout the course of that year including the beast of a gorilla Harambe #dicksoutforharambe. To recap I have found that I’ve developed a couple new hobbies or I’ve polished already existing ones.

Hobbies Have Evolved

For example my auto mechanical knowledge has jumped significantly in the past year thanks to the constant workings of that Jeep I had bought back in 2015. Every week I felt like I was working on that thing in one form or another, not because it was broken but when sense a part or function that is doing what its not suppose to be doing I like to take care of it quickly. A lot of times in a Jeep you’re out in the middle of nowhere with a few friends and some tools and I don’t like the idea of being stranded.

My cooking knowledge has exploded. Thanks to living with my lovely girlfriend I have begun cooking for her every night. Most nights its usually something simple but I’ve found myself being successful at tackling more complex recipes such as a BBQ garlic glazed and mozzarella infused meatloaf or roasted garlic chicken with herb sauce. Those two recipes get me rock solid hard each time I make them and they’re usually zero leftovers.

I’ve expanded my gaming horizons. Now I know this doesn’t sound like much and every gamer has his preferences when it comes to gaming but I’ve begun playing outside of my normal box. I’ve picked up different genres such as puzzle games and turn based strategy as well as your stealth games that require a lot of patience. It can be extremely boring sometimes or extremely satisfying but either way I’m happy I started broadening my scope.

Fun Stupid Stuff Still Happens

I’ll do a quick recap of this one with numbers.

  1. My buddy Nick and I went camping in the spring and froze our asses off. I was doing pilates in a sleeping bag to keep my body temp up.
  2. My buddy Nick and I tried to redo our camping trip and he ended up getting attacked by buffalo sauce in the jeep that I had accidentally left on the seat during one of our trail rides.
  3. I ran into a tree with my buddy SexBurger (yes thats what I call him) during another trail ride up in the coal region at a 4×4 park.  I pushed it over but it pushed back.
  4. I drank beer in a creek with 25 men wearing  swim trunks or nothing at all. Its not a nudist colony, they just dont like pants. Oh and there was beer.
  5. My girlfriend and I went to Cancun and met a lizard named Frank that lived under our outside landing. She also became addicted to a drink called Hummingbirds thanks to our bartender Diego.
  6. I met a clone of my friend and we call him ‘The Johnny’. He smoked 3 packs a day and had more chest hair than you’d believe.
  7. My buddy Peas got married in November and the photographer said she had seen it all and we cant surprise her. We almost made her throw up and we nicknamed her the friendly Nazi.
  8. My buddy Arnold caused a large manhunt because he fell asleep in a spot no one could find him at a bachelor party. It was under a mattress we found in the house.

There is more I could add in but tits almost 10 in the morning on Saturday and I’m hungry so yeah bananas on you.





Re-taking the hardest step. The first one.

PBS Remix-Happy Painter

Bob Ross once said “Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you are willing to practice, you can do.” While growing up I always had a small knack for artwork and design, I liked creating cool things with my hands out of thin air and making them a reality. When I was younger, the motivation to create was overwhelming and almost bursting at the seams at all time. I would find the most unorthodox materials to create something. Even if the work was junk, as long as I liked it I didn’t care. On a side note that saying that you are your own worst critic works both ways. If you really enjoy a piece and no one else does you will find that it doesn’t bother you too much. Back to what we were talking about though, as I got older though and the real world finally reared its ugly head it became more difficult to find myself motivated to create new and unique work. Grant you, creativity is not created in a vacuum and you will need something to inspire you from time to time. Sadly that inspiration light dims out as well and I found that not much inspired me anymore either. I had a side of  my brain recognizing the problem and said that I was in a slump and I just needed to sit down and get started doing whatever but my other half had me paralyzed and realized that Netflix and beer was just easier. So the question was. How do I get over this and get going after my creative engine had clearly stalled.

Three things fixed this problem for me. Now as usual I cant guarantee this is going to work for everyone but it finally pushed through for me. First, whatever lingering talent you have a from a previous hobby will resurface if you jump back to your roots. What I am saying is brush off the rust and slowly or quickly everything will come back. I’m talking about dusting off the old textbooks, listen to the old music, or turn on the endless Scrubs marathon that would tun in your focus for some strange reason. Second, take your newly polished skill set and step right outside of your comfort zone. When I went back into drawing, either on the computer or physical, I would give realistic drawing a very wide berth. I had difficulty gaining proper perspective and making whatever I was drawing look like the subject matter. It pissed me off because I felt like I was starting all over but in a sense that’s the point. Kinda like sharpening a knife you never used. You know how to use a lot of knives but not that one in particular. It’s okay to get frustrated and angry and annoyed but don’t let it discourage you. Learning something new is never really easy but it will get better. With this in mind it rolls into our third and most critical step. KEEP GOING! You are going to have days where you wont even want to engage into your hobby let alone work on it. Jump in. Did you just walk in the door from your job after a bad day? Jump in. Fight with your girlfriend / boyfriend / sheep? Jump in. Sick? Jump in. You are not going to be motivated or excited of every hour of every day to pursue your hobby or your talent. You have to keep at it, you have to force yourself, until it becomes habit and you cant go a day without doing it. KEEP GOING! Because you can do it and rock the world with it.

As of right now outside of work I manage to keep this blog going, started drawing again, and broke open three of my design textbooks. I hate it during the week but because I stick with it at the end of the week it feels awesome. I feel productive again and my gears are constantly turning with copious amounts of inspiration. I haven’t felt this way in a long time and I can tell you, it feels great.  Remember the three and KEEP GOING. Results will follow.

P.S. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help either