Fuck You Old Man Winter

When I was a kid I used to love sitting inside a nice cozy house during the winter by playing video games, watching TV, or playing with my toys. The outside didn’t really fascinate me so much since I could just receive it all right here at the tip of my fingertips. Take a little imagination and some stimulus and boom you’re set for another couple of days.  Now that I’m older I’d like to formally say that winter can suck a big floppy dick.

As I’ve grown I’ve found that I FUCKING HATE BEING COOPED UP. I get antsy and irritable and the main culprit of it is the cold weather. Cold weather isnt really the problem though it just prevents people from wanting to go outside so like a drug addicted relative it plays off like a bad influence. I cant really blame them though since you cant really appreciate the outside when everything’s dead and dark out there like an ex girlfriends heart.So, on that note, where are we on turning the fucking heat up.

Currently we are teetering on the daylight savings change, about 7 days, and we’ve experience a brief taste of the spring weather to come so everyone is pining for it, like seriously  I had all the windows off on the jeep it was sweeeeet. At this moment though, according to the super duper accurate bullshit that is the accuweather on my phone, it says its a chillingly nut sack freezing of 9 degrees outside but sunny as fuck. I can appreciate sun but without the warmth of it I feel like its just teasing me and then trying to coerce me to pay it for the full show.

So here I sit in a pair of boxers, knee high socks, and BU hoodie waiting for the weather to break while my girlfriend parks her ass directly on the heat vents in each room of the house. Hurry the hell up spring, I want to go outside!

And thus I leave  you with this hilarious comic from OwlTurd by ShenT! This is exactly how I picture winter this year.