My Foots Asleep…I Wish The Rest Of Me Was Asleep

island-backgroundHoly shit does time fly when your having fun or just busy as hell. Since my last post  things have moved  almost one after the other and non stop so I’ll say this first before I go into any detail. I apologize up front to all of my friends that text me and I dont answer back …ever. The first reason is that well I’m an awful human being whereas the second reason is I listen to a phone ring 50% of the day and answer emails the other 50%. I dont want to look at my phone a lot when I come home.

Any who my first trip out of the country was phenomenal except for the first night of our journey which turned into a giant cluster fuck right out of the gate. We had an organized hotel for the night before with arranged transportation the next morning to the airport but either our travel agent or the dumb ass third party they put their faith and our money into had fallen through. So when we arrived at our assigned hotel they looked at us with three heads. The girlfriend ginger snapped and we ended up sleeping at a hotel, 30 miles away, for four hours, after this giant fiasco.Sorry Liberty Travel we will not be using you again. If it would have just been me I would have been satisfied with a park bench or sleeping in the airport but my girlfriend is in a wheelchair so you really butt fucked that situation and somehow did it right out of the gate. Thankfully that was the worst of it with the rest of the trip being fantastic. Sun, beach, booze, and no sunburn..somehow. I would recommend it to anyone that has a little time and patience to save up the cash and go do it. So many martinis for her and mojitos for me.

Once we got back it didnt stop. I made the grave mistake of going right back to work the day after we landed. Shoot me in the face I will never do that again. I came home so tired and so beat that all I wanted to do was sleep for an entire day and I couldn’t get that till Sunday. P.S its Wednesday at this point. What I was grateful for that we pushed through was the jeep ride that was scheduled that Saturday which involved 8 of the finest jeeps you could find in central PA, cold beer, and some good friends to enjoy it with. However it pissed like crazy. I’m talking it rained Friday night when we got there up till nearly the time when we finished on Saturday but it was an interesting experience since we’ve never wheeled through a downpour. So let me explain again that we landed on Tuesday, went back to work from Wednesday to Friday, and then jeeped all of Saturday only to get home Saturday night to sleep in Sunday. My ass slept hard, like, really hard.

It didnt end there though. The cherry on this busy month ice cream sunday  was that one week following I managed to get the flu and am finally fighting off the last bits and pieces of it as I am typing this whereas at its peak it was up to 103 degrees. Didn’t throw up once though so I’m proud of that. All and all it was an excellence experience for all of it. I just think I’m going to spread it out more next time.