Gorilla_Monkey_Fun_FinalWhere to begin…I’ll keep it basic. My names Brian I live in the southern tier of New York right next to the Finger Lake’s and Wine Country. My day to day life consists of meeting new people by driving around a truck all day. I see many things and have met many people from all walks of life each one of them with their own sense of humor, opinion, and personal advice (even if its counter productive).

Originally I grew up in a gorgeous town next to the Susquehanna river in Pennsylvania, PA for the locals, and made a handful of great friends, blew up a few cars, and made a lot of fun but sometimes bad decisions. After high school (Go Braves) I received my Bachelors degree from Shippensburg University in Graphic Design and my Masters degree in Game Development from Full Sail University near Orlando Florida. Shortly after graduating and living in a few select spots I managed to settle myself up here in New York working for a logistics company managing inventory, paperwork, minions, and driving. It’s an interesting job and not as easy or stress free as it sounds sometimes but it can be quite full filling especially when you realize that your office moves and has a great view of the outside.



    1. Unfortunately no. I went to school for game development and design and kicked around in the industry for awhile till I realized its not the world for me. Stress was a big factor and crunch time was unreal. I still game pretty heavily across a multitude of platforms and help out friends when I can on indie projects.


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