Buffalo Sauce, Ranch Dressing, and Chips

jeep-up-closeThe girlfriend I’m recently dating is a marvel all in herself. I found her on a random chance outside of the YMCA watching her sister play softball and while cheering on with the other 300 crowd of people somehow she noticed me and decided I was decent (or sweaty and sexy enough) to talk to.What the hell is wrong with her I am one of the biggest pain in the asses that I have ever encountered and for some strange reason she wants to be involved in m life. I guess thats what you get for gingers.

This girls eating habits are excellent, which mostly consists of chicken, franks, and bread crumbs which makes her easily the most difficult and easiest people to cook for. She has an extremely fine tuned food pallet to anything that involves these couple of ingredients but I have to tell you that they are extremely interesting to cook for. 

She hates dumb people and when I say dumb people I mean basically the entire working world and she is not afraid to mention the worst of people to just get her point across. There is absolutely no attendance award for this woman in her life so you are either on or off with her and its hilarious and kind of refreshing seeing someone who pushes you to your limit when she throws on that manager mode hat. It’s really simple, do your job, ask questions when a problem arises, and keep moving forward. She does not like a stall in progress due to stupidity or cowardice and does what she can to avoid it.

But, yeah I’m basically screwed, but I love her and thats what matters. Also she digs my Jeep “putt putt” and is totally game to go out and ride around in it all the time and consistently wary of messing up her hair and causing “jeep hair” but thats another story all together.

P.S she ginger snaps when I screw up…..dont do that.





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