That Black Hole Of Life

Jeeping with steveIts been nearly two years since I’ve posted on this and I figured its time to fire it up once more. Previously on the life of highfivediscount I was stuck in a rickety old apartment and I believe I had just gotten done sinking a canoe in the middle of penns creek. Note to self: never ever take a fiberglass canoe on a creek that appreciates kayaks. Since then though things have begun to change and improve in more ways than one. Now of course these improvements have come with some strange pitfalls but nothing that would really overshadow the benefit. The catalyst started with me leaving and finding another job…again..for the bagillionth time but a man can only take so much stupidity in one area.

I’ll make this brief; my parents had finally called it quits on their marriage and one of them left with the other one still traveling for work. This led me to an extremely rare opportunity to finally break my number one rule of being an adult. DONT. MOVE. HOME. Well fuck you I did it. I couldn’t live paycheck to paycheck anymore and I needed to start harvesting some savings so I decided to pack up all my shit and take off back home. It was nice being back and closer to all of my friends again who had developed adult lives of their own and I somehow managed to snag a really decent job to boot and start raking it in while indulging in a few items I had always wanted for myself but could never afford.  In chronological order here’s the fuckery.

I bought a Jeep. Finally! 

Growing up all of my friends had jeeps all through high school and college but I could never afford one due to their high resale value and their obvious pain in the ass maintenance but I have to say that after finally putting forth some searching effort with cash in hand I found one and instantly fell in love. Its a red 93 Jeep Wrangler YJ Heap O’ Shit. It was previously wrecked and the guy put a lot of work into it but he just ran out of time and money. So I bought the thing for 1500 bucks, put a bit of money and elbow grease into it, slapped on a ton of bumper stickers, and I still drive it to this day. I love the damn thing. I named it Putt Putt since it sounds like its farting when I hit the gas and smells like a lawnmower on hot days. “Its a jeep thing you wouldn’t understand.”

I rebuilt my PC. 

When I left for school a dumped a pile of my high school savings into a beast of a desktop which was top of the line a the time back in 2005 and lasted me till almost 2010 before it just gave up. In 2016 that computer has less processing power than my phone but I have to admit that I did manage to scavenge the tower.I started from scratch with 800 bucks in my pocket and completely revamped it. Its so nice not having lag when I’m trying to screw with my Raspberry Pi rigs or watching the occasional porn while not to mention that the ULTRA graphics and HD are a beautiful thing on the video games. PC master race to the rescue, baby!

I’m visiting another country

I’m finally doing it, I’m finally going to visit another country and take a long needed vacation. This was probably the most irresponsible purchase I ever made but I wanted that notch in my belt to say I did it. I had recently acquired a wonderful girlfriend (more on her at a later time) who I always joked with that we need to go on a vacation to somewhere tropical with white sand, blue water, and endless margaritas till your face its the sand. Kenny Chesney is a bad influence on this since we both like country and the beach is all he sings about. One day, after a particularly bad week at work, we decided to say fuck it and go down to the travel agent and sign up. Cancun sounded like a pretty good starting point and after about an hour and a half of negotiation, need requirements, flight, booze, location, etc. we signed off and decided we are actually doing this. Spoon I am headed to an all inclusive resort with no kids, on the beach, pool to the back porch, and warm blue sky’s. With a passport in hand I plan on enjoying this thoroughly. “4 days flew by like a drunk Friday night!”

Wrapping Up

Its been a phenomenal year so far and I look forward to what is going to smack me in the face in the future because truthfully I’ve never planned for this. There have been talks of a house soon with a rather large garage that I can tinker in and screw with stuff which I am still hoping to accomplish. That I will admit takes more planning than usual. The girlfriend I will go in depth with later since it will require another post entirely but I guarantee you you wont be disappointed.




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