Self Sufficient

I was completely lost in time. I havent been myself for the past two months compared to the amount of work that has been tossed at me and I can honestly say I couldnt handle it. I was a shell of my former self and a certain grey cloud had climbed over me and taken residence right above my head. BUT I managed, I pulled, I rick rolled the fuck out of that thing and I am back. For my few readers I can safely say that I am back from haitus. Bottom line, something pretty kick ass happened. The holidays have come and gone, work had gotten worse, and in response I found a new job!

Short version. I followed my own advice and took the initiative to improve my life for the better. I waited, a few things lined up and when the opportunity showed itself I took it by the balls and shook it like a cured lactose intolerant red headed step child shakes chocolate milk! I found a better job sitting fat assed in my home town doing what I am already doing surrounded by my friends and family. I am so excited I could poop. I’ve missed you guys and the motivation to speak had vanished.When I realized how much time had gone by I felt a depth of sadness. I had done so well for so long each month to give you something but I had been ground so far down into nothing that I just couldnt come up with anything. Well that batshit garbage is going to change. I have goals now and goal #1. Pay off my debts. Goal #2 is this beautiful mother fucker right below me. STEVE MCQUEEN HERE I COME! peace out yo and cheers!



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