Bringing it back from the brink

We have all of those days, weeks, months, and even years where nothing will ever seem to go right for any of us. It seems like its just one disaster after another, one misfortune that dissolves into something worse or lingers forever. Its a struggle everyone has dealt with at some point in time. Its a view of the darkness from the very fringe of the earth while looking down that seems like an endless drop into the blackness of hopelessness. This point depicts itself by many faces such as rock bottom, depression, failure, loss, heartbreak, end, negative, wrong, irrelevant, and others. Its the experiences of these faces and descriptions that spell out the same result. It’s discouragement that zaps every single ounce of motivation and hope that you feel will never return ever. You will run into the same people who will try to pick you up with their useless advice and other people who will write you off by saying to just try and be happy about it. Those people, while may be in good spirits about it, have no idea until they experience it which is truly impossible since everyone experiences things differently. It’s hard and upsetting because its so hard and at that point it seems impossible because of the weight alone you have to deal with and no reserves to toss at it. How does anyone recover from this? How does anyone recover from this pressure that is enclosing around you. Here’s my method. You grab what dwindling amount of strength you have and you push the fuck back!

You heard me right. You push back, you get up, you dust yourself off, and you crawl out of that pit of darkness inch by inch. When this happens it is time to turn your brain off to making yourself happy and switch your gears into turning into a solid rock of fuck you. Happiness is a reward you achieve from discipline and it will not be handed to you easily deep down in that pit. Motivation is an unreliable emotion, while enjoyable when experiencing it, it is fickle and easily dispersed. Discipline is what is needed to rebuild yourself and bring yourself back from the brink. Start working again, compose, build, brew, write, design, date, love, listen, help, pickup every chance you get. Keep going and I promise you that happiness will follow. Discipline and stubbornness are your strongest weapons at this point, while happiness and motivation are power ups to help you feel invincible. Now you may wonder “Why discipline?” Well this is a simple answer. Why do you go to work every day? Why do you eat every day? Why do maintain your car? Why do you pay your bills? Because you fucking have too and those things consistently stay maintained because of it. Make your happiness one of those things that must be maintained, regardless of the pitfalls, and your life will kick ass and take names all while talking in a Clint Eastwood voice. Oh and one more thing, this recipe is rinse and repeat so each time life tries to smack you in the face you better reward it with a five fingered fisty style discount. Show it who’s boss and take a few teeth with it.

Cheers! I’m back!


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