Hot damn can she sing!


It takes a lot for me to be impressed by something. As time goes on with the evolution of advertisements, TV, video games, blinky, flashy, brighty, and all the stimuli we encounter I believe that many of us have become desensitize. So usually when we do find something that moves us it quickly builds up our spirits and then is forgotten equally as fast. Well something similar to that has happened to me except I keep finding myself watching this new discovery and am having a hard time becoming bored with it.

First off, many things inspire me to a certain degree but what most commonly knocks me off my feet is a fantastic visual. It usually consists of a heavily detailed image that I cant seem to take my eyes off of and allows me to translate the image into a thousand different definitions. These images can range from computer generated, photographs, illustrations, and most frequently natural (vistas, overlooks, etc.) When I encounter a visual that truly gives me spark  its like a breath of really fresh air and it makes me feel very illuminated. This frequency changed recently though and I was engaged with a new stimulant that I have been experiencing for the past few days now. I actually HEARD something awesome.

One of my favorite songs is the song ‘I wont give up’ By Jason Mraz. Now whereas that is a pretty awesome song in itself I stumbled across a cover done by a girl named Christina Grimmie. Before I continue, let me take a quick tangent here and tell you I am not connected into cable TV or anything for that matter, except the internet. So I am usually very behind on fads, shows, and other things that would usually be pumped into your brain on a day to day basis. Apparently, this girl was on the show The Voice a while back and, unfortunately, didn’t win, bummer. But she did manage to gather a pretty ridiculously huge fan base and she ventured out on her own making internet covers, show appearances,  and even making some of her own music videos. Well I’ll tell you that this girl can freaking sing and her cover of ‘ I wont give up’ is pretty remarkable. She performs the entire song, in the video, on piano and adds her own pitch to it with a heavy dose of variety. I didn’t believe it would work so well considering the calmer pitch that Jason Mraz usually sticks to but she pulled it off with guns blazing. It blew me off my feet and made me recite a ‘holy shit’ out loud in my living room. She dissects the song with color, passion and inspiration that, I believe, only a person who truly loves music could pull off and turns it into a roller coaster ride that hypnotizes you enough to hit the replay button a couple of times. It was a pretty cool experience.

Needless to say after that performance she has managed to find her way into my music library along with a few of her other covers I dug up that she has performed. I know it doesn’t sound like much but my media library is finely tuned since I basically live out of my car on a day to day basis. If anyone would like to listen to her music I have provided the link below and wish her the best of luck in her adventures because hot damn she can sing!

Till next time. Cheers!


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