The Escape


This weekend is a weekend to behold indeed. I am finally, for the first time and probably last time, going camping for this summer. The spot my friends and I usually pick out is nothing short of special. Its based out in the middle of Bald Eagle State Forest in the crevice of a small valley with a nice creek running through it. The forecast is expected to be in the range of the mid 70’s so that most likely means we will be sleeping in somewhere around the low 50’s. Its a glorious experience when everything finally settles down with the arrival, setting up the site, building the fire, and gathering up supplies. The silence that overcomes the site when your butt finally hits the lawn chair with nothing but the sound of the of nature all around you only to be accented by a small fire crackling and being bathed in its warm hypnotizing glow. It’s almost poetic, its like watching a movie in 360 degrees and all the colors change as each second passes in front of you. I often wonder sometimes how people dont enjoy going outside but it helps me reset the scales easily and I couldn’t ever see myself without it. I recommend it to anyone and if you don’t believe me, try it. Find that random dirt road into the woods or that path less traveled by and venture down it for whatever distance and let it all just blank out for about an hour. You’ll feel better than ever.

Cheers! I’m outta here!


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