The Greasy Spoon

Cooking has always been a large staple in my family household and more times than not when you walk into a relatives homestead or my own you will be bombarded with smells radiating from the kitchen like a humid summer day. When living alone though it can be difficult to be able to cook all the time due to the amount of other household responsibilities that you have to manage through in order to cook the food. These other responsibilities make cooking a nice homemade relaxing meal less probable and making a quick PP&J sandwich more realistic. I have found a way to counter this though, not fully, but somewhat.

The first thing I do is I assess what I have left of my day after I come home from work, which usually is not a lot of time. Where in these cases something fast and healthy usually doesn’t come out of the wash once I am done making something. Instead I usually will put a little extra effort into the ingredients of the said quicky dinner and go from there. My all time favorite is the grilled cheese sandwich, where I am sure readers of my previous blogs will notice that I love. Its simple, a standard grilled cheese sandwich requires two slices of bread, butter, and two slices of cheese by my understanding. We can accomplish this goal by using standard store bought ingredients with the normal white bread, plastic cheese, and regular run of the mill butter. How about instead of buying standard ingredients, we try to purchase more quality stuff, like smoked Gouda cheese that can be shredded over a nice display of 30 grain whole bread and slathered with real rich butter. Take all of these ingredients and grill it with care and your grilledcheeseawesomeness meter just cranked up about 30 points after you sink your teeth into that thick, juicy, tasty, goodness.

This technique works with almost any quick and  easy meal even if you are drinking your dinner and an IPA is involved. Just try to remember the next time you are grocery shopping when buying the quicky meal ingredients to see if you can stretch for top shelf stuff and up the status quot a little bit.


“Don’t have ambitions that are too high. Just be the best that you can be. And the best you can be is probably average. So learn to celebrate average more. Buy better beer.”








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