Hey look I’m back! Its a wonderful feeling being finally back in PA with new chapter in life. Ever since I got down here its go go go go and very little stop to look around. Technically I have unpacked enough that I can live normally but a few things have been thrown by the wayside that I wish I could work back into motion, like groceries, Ive been eating out a lot.

Since I have been down here at this new job I have been going at top speed for most of the days just trying to get myself settled in. My first day was a trial by fire and a driver quit on us. I jumped in a truck and drover all over PA for my first day, to people I have never delivered too or before, in the tallest and longest box truck we have. Yeah I had a few freak out sessions during that day. Once I got back around six that night the day didnt officially end till around nine. Afterwards I went home did the whole shit, shower, shave routine and woke up for the next day at 6 in the morning. That was my whole first week. Since then its slowed down a little but each time I start getting into a routine something new comes up. I was told by the old manager that its going to take at least a month to get into the swing of things smoothly enough that your day wont have as many hiccups. My plan, keep soldiering on, learn and fix what I can, adapt and upgrade, and hopefully hold onto all of my drivers. So cheers! Here’s to luck and some new experiences


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