Pick and Choose



The age old rat race is at it again where I pack up all my things and begin moving my sorry ass halfway across a state/ country/ world/ whatever. I never bother with hunting down boxes to pack all of my things unless that certain thing came in a box in the first place i.e. TV, computer, monitor, toaster oven, AC, etc. Some things unfortunately don’t quite fit in a box because they are too big, too awkward or just to damn difficult to pack up and take with you. Thus begins the debate I have every time I prepare to leave a location  “Do I really want to take this with me?” Thus the sorting begins and the struggle of deciding to just dump that old table with the wobbly leg or if you really want to pull down all those pictures of friends I haven’t spoken too in over two years. It’s kinda like a spring cleaning for your mind and body.

It’s silly to say but I get nostalgic over some of this old stuff because each piece, that warrants this toss or keep debate, usually has a funny story or lesson to tell. Maybe that wooden table is wobbly because my buddy decided to sleep on it one night and fell off. And those pictures could be of my colleagues in grad school and show as a testament to how much hell that program put us through. Each one of them brings their own tale to the table and I feel like the executioner or savior of a memory long since past. I try to remember this small rule when tossing things out “Does it serve a purpose? Did it teach a lesson? If neither applies then throw it out. You need to make space for the new things and you cant do that by holding on to the old and broken ones.”

Sometimes there is regret tossing out those old memories or useless objects with funny stories but I try to remember that they are and forever will be in the past and its much easier to appreciate the fact that they happened rather than to hold on to them in a box forever and wishing they were still there.




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