And thus the Tornado


Well its official I am finally headed back to the old stomping grounds. The news was taken well by most and not by some but I have made my decision. Now begins the fun part that I like to call the hell tornado of fire, stupidity, and instability. This tornado primarily consists of finding a replacement for my current position, finding time to travel and sign my new lease (which is being tripped up by my company ironically), packing EVERYTHING, and fast tracking my training of my new job. So far I have only had a few serious hiccups and the stress has been kept to a minimum by my fuck it advice. If you want something done fast it aint gonna be pretty. 

The new place is nice though. Its in a small town that is well kept and is about a 20 min drive to my new job. I have a backyard, a garden spot, bedroom, bathroom, brandy new kitchen, living room, and an office! That’s the big one. I have never had a room to do whatever the hell I want with. Usually if I wanted a man cave I would have to blend it in with the living room or convert a “dining room” or something of the sort. The room has plenty of possibilities. Aside from that I can safely say I am nervous and am trying to keep it together as anyone would be when receiving a new position or a new job. I just wish I wouldn’t be pulled in six different directions to get it done. 


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