So the gut sense it and so it shall be true.


In my previous blog I was nudging towards the possibility of some changes occurring in my life and in some of the lives of others by the spider sense that dwells deep in the bowels of my gut. Well after some careful observation I have deemed that once again my gut called the change even though it wasn’t entirely what I expected. 

The biggest change that I confirmed so far is that I am not long for New York. As of right now there are two options being tossed up in the air and I am patiently waiting to see which one lands first and the hardest. I hope it is totally worth it considering since apartment hunting can be a real rude and crude pain in the ass. What is nice though is that many of the places I am searching out favor cats and dogs and will hopefully allow me to finally obtain a tail wagging friend of my own. My destination is located somewhere in the vastness of PA to where I have not decided yet. I can tell you is that I hope it is green, has a wide open space, and a lot of freaking sun. New York is a nice state but sunlight is too few and far between and I still have to wear my heavy coat in the mornings. This is blasphemy to me especially considering that it’s May! 

Some other changes occurred in my life this past week as well among myself, friends and family. Of these things there are marriages, break ups, the seeing of old friends, new car purchases, new work requests, new neighbors, 72 degrees, new netflix shows to watch, and a new book to read (its not really new, been on a LOTR kick recently and I’m reading The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.)…oh and my tomato plant sprouted a new leaf! Although, I’m not sure its a tomato plant. And no its not pot you hippies,


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