A late night post for a sleepless blogger.

Change can be a big thing for anyone. In the past couple of months I have been receiving weird feelings that big things are on the horizon and that major shifts in my life are about to take place. Some of them I am sure will be good, others I will need to adjust to, and some that I probably wont be comfortable with at all. What I never understand is how it always seems to happen all at the same time. Change in my life has never been subtle when it visits. It usually comes crashing through the door like a tornado and before I know it my beer fridge is empty, the sofas missing, and my shoes are glued to the ceiling. It make zero sense but I suppose it is better that it does it with a crash and gives me zero time to think rather than to give me hints and let me stew. Hell its because of this tornado technique, that change has adopted, that is why I am up here in New York in the first place.

What is funny though that over the years I have developed an early warning system that twinges in the back of my brain when something like this is getting close. Its almost like a spider sense that is correct ehh… id say 40 percent of the time. It’s not overwhelming or anything, more just like a quick recognizing that gives me pause and then it passes. Much of the time I completely miss it because I am busy doing something. I caught it really quickly today while I was walking into a shop. It gave me brief pause and then in a flash it disappeared. What caused me to trip up is that the feeling was almost certain and strong. So much so that I forgot my phone and wallet in the car while I was trying to sort out what the strong feeling was. I almost made an ass out of myself at the checkout isle and had to stash my stuff while I went outside of the store.

As of right now everything is calm and quiet and everything is business as usual but even if for better or for worse I cant help replaying this scene over in my head from The Return of the King.


Pippen: It’s so quiet. Gandalf: It’s the deep breath before the plunge.



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