A Titan Stumbles


Rumors came flooding in recently over the past month that Malcolm Young, guitarist of AC/DC and the older brother of the problem child Angus Young, had suffered a stroke during a practice session and was taking a break from the band. The band itself had been through tough times in the past with the death of their initial lead singer Bonn Scott in 1980 who being replaced by Brian Johnson managed to recover their grace only to continue the bands rock and roll vitality. After a few drummers, a guitarist, and about 40 years of success the band finally decided that it was going to stop replacing band members regardless of what happens and push on until the end. This to me signals that the band is on their last few drops of rock and roll fuel and the medical issues that Malcolm is experiencing may push the band to shut off the lights of their heavy metal power house. I love AC/DC and wish Malcolm a speedy recovery if possible but I do also understand that the band itself is not coop of spring chickens. But if the band does end up shutting down the high voltage and hanging up the black I hope they know how much their fans appreciated them over the years of rock that they have given us. Until any of this is confirmed my concert lighter will shine and rock on. 



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