A Child of Summer

This is going to be short and sweet so strap in. The weather up here in NY finally broke for the better and it finally seems like winter has left us. The mornings are still somewhat cold and mucky but when the sun comes out you begin to see the terrain with a whole new set of colors. Of course much of the state is still in the post death winter stage of grey’s, brown’s, and pale colors but if you look close enough you can see some of the trees are beginning to show off the faintest hint of red where the new blooms are coming in. What is neat about this state is that when everything does decide to blossom and bud and bloom it does so in a really dramatic way and suddenly. Almost like you wake up one morning, look around, and realize there are flowers everywhere and all the trees have young leaves on them. Its kinda like defacto spring christmas or something although I am sure the Easter bunny would argue with me on that one. I have also noticed a sudden change in many peoples personality in both my personal life and day to day encounters. Its as if a heavy stale mist has finally been removed from a poorly ventilated and crowded room. People are finally starting to relax and become friendly again. I hope for big things this coming spring and cant wait to begin new chapters with some fresh motivation!


This picture was submitted by my good buddy Harvey up in Loyalsock state forest. The stud being featured in the picture is our bearded friend Coxe


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