Is your head and heart fighting? Listen to your stomach.

Heart and Mind

The title of this piece is called “heart and mind”. Unfortunately I cannot find the artists name but if anyone knows please give him or her a shout out for an awesome piece

Dont you just hate that when your head and heart just cant get along? It always happens when something big is on the line too like a new position opportunity, buying a house, giving up a struggle, or taking a risk. Physiologically the brain and the heart work together just fine. One sends signals to the other causing blood to flow around the body and in turn keeping you alive. Metaphorically and mentally sometimes that is not the case. Lets break it down.

In an ideal world and perfect scenario when I arrive on a decision I have to make, my heart (also known as my gut) feeling is usually the first one to jump on the scene with an answer.  It either says yay or nay regardless of logic and just sends the signal to my body to engage in its choice. If all goes well my logical side or my brain will agree with it by weighing the pro’s and con’s and evaluating  the benefit and risk of making the choice. All of this happens in a split second or however long it takes for neurons to fire. Usually I see this type of teamwork when it comes to making dinner for the night, which beer to buy, or seeing if I should go to Wal-Mart for that quality produhaHAHAHAH…no. Its pretty much flawless and quick.

The world though is not ideal much of the time and is most likely plastered and drunk on chaos which it should rightfully be. So usually when larger decisions arise, like the ones I have previously stated, the head and the heart can become somewhat abrasive towards each other. What sucks about this is that that argument inside of you can last two minutes or it can last for days. It is a giant pain in the ass, which conveniently has nothing to do with the situation. I am not a doctor or am I? Just kidding but seriously one thing that works for me is listening to my stomach. When I cant make a decision on something and it lasts longer than 12 hours I head to my favorite restaurant and eat some food just to get my decision making apparatus something else to do. How I picture it is that it helps calm down the fight, adjust the scope, and regains focus. Kinda like when you are working on a paper or something and you take a break to readjust your eyes. Its essentially the same concept.

What usually happens afterwards consists of me paying my bill, rolling out the door (seriously, like violet in the willy wonka movie), and heading for home. Once I get home and mere minutes before the food coma kicks in I tackle the problem one more time. You will be surprised how clear and obvious some of that brain logic will present itself  in your head and how the hearts screaming and kicking has been calmed to a room level speaking voice. This allows me to make a decision, usually the obvious one, and be content with it until i can engage on the act.

Of course I am not saying that this method will work for everyone but it is a tried and true method in my family household and its success percentage is pretty high. At least not many people in my family have had many complaints. Except my dad….he’s still pissed about selling that Plymouth Horizon.


(During a bad snow storm driving around the gold horizon/skunk)

Me: Dad were going to slide into that curb!


Me: How did we not tear off the tire?!

Dad: It’s the reason I bought this car. Its build like a god damn tank!


We had two of these cars when I was growing up. We called them the gold and blue skunk. The reasoning for this was that they both managed to wear away the paint straight down the middle of each of them giving them a skunk striped look. My father has a strange but sometimes hilarious sense of humor.













Cheers and see you next week!


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