Phenomena, curses, and other unexplained things


This post is about those things in this world that we cant explain. I’m not talking about king tuts curse, hauntings, bronies, or even the ICP. This post is more focused on the weird stuff that just makes you scratch your head and say “umm….okay?” Now before I continue on I want to point out that these curses are unique for everyone and each case is strangely different. If that has difficulty making sense then I am sure you will understand once I point out a few examples that my friends and myself have recognized that happen in our social circle.

fern fire

The Fern burning as viewed from Interstate 180. Photo compliments of

Weird curse #1 You love that restaurant? Too bad!: This curse is my very own. Back near my old stomping grounds there is a pub/restaurant called The Fern that creates very delicious wholesome food and is constantly packed on weekends which makes dining in very difficult. Upon its discovery we began noticing that each time I myself would try to organize a gathering and venture to this pub it would always be closed for some reason i.e. renovations, holidays, staff vacation, whatever and everyone would have a silent night of disappointment. I wasn’t allowed to organize the Fern run anymore after this kept happening. I really got yelled at by my friends when I was talking about the restaurant at my friend’s place only to find out that about a week or two later it had caught fire. I am now no longer allowed to even mention it by name.

Weird Curse #2 Gingervitis: This is one of our more recent curses that we have just encountered. I have one red headed friend that I have grown up with and he is the only one in his family that has bright red hair. For the rest of us this did nothing but provoke us into Imagejoking that his mail man was his father and that he had no soul. This was all well and harmless till some of my friends had kids and so far, two of them, from separate couples, have red hair. Everyone immediately began looking at him as if he was a curse upon the land. He embraced the new red headed plague with joy and I am sure he hopes it continues. As of right now we have recently been informed that a new couple in the group is pregnant and I am sure he is gunning for a hat trick. Note: NO HE DID NOT SLEEP WITH THOSE WOMEN! Get that thought out of your head you dirty people!

Weird Curse #3 Women + Cars = Malfunction: Most women in this social circle are pretty decent drivers and I am not feeding into the stereotype with this. What happened in the past two years, I have noticed, was pretty strange. With the length of time between the period of a year to a year and a half almost all of the women in the circle have caused damage to their cars ranging from totaling them to scraping up the sides.

Girl #1 had her car scraped down the side

Girl #2 had a scrape down the SAME side

Girl #3 totaled her car

Girl #4 and the most recent just had her car rear ended.

The commonality that all of these things share is that they happened in such a short period of time, almost like a domino effect.

Weird Curse #4 Great mechanic with unfortunate vehicle issues: One of my friends was a tinkerer while growing up and he evolved into being a pretty decent mechanic when it came to his and his family vehicles. What’s interesting though is that it seems with each vehicle he owns something completely unpreventable happens. His first real car was a 94′ jeep wrangler that his brother gave


to him. He drove the piss out of this thing, broke it in half, and put it back together again. This reliable vehicles life was put to an end when one day the e-brake decided it didn’t want to work and it went tumbling down a hill, destroying it.

His next vehicle ended up being a very nice gold colored Toyota Tacoma that immediately became one of his favorites. That is until the entire truck was recalled by Toyota for frame issues and he lost it.

His next adventure was with a 97′ Dodge Diesel pickup. Diesels are this kids bread and butter and he was pretty ambitious about this purchase. Unfortunately though the minute he drove it off the lot he began having problems with it. I may need to be corrected on some of these but from what I heard was that the truck’s transmission didn’t shift properly, the steering wouldn’t recover after going around a turn, and the truck wouldn’t shift into overdrive. It seemed after each problem was corrected a new one would show itself. Then after fixing all of the problems the list would then start all over again causing extensive frustration. He now owns and operates a newer Toyota Tacoma that so far has only received minor tailgate damage and the replacement of a muffler. I truly hope him the best in his car adventures.


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