A Toast! Here’s to Calvin and Hobbes!


In less than 24 hours I will have reached the year 27 in my life. As my birthday draws ever closer I sometimes have a tendancy to look back on the many things that have carved and molded me into the person I am today. Off of the top of my head I can think of the standard’s such as my parents, my friends, video games, legos, cars, and art just to name a few. Each one of these things had a significant hand in molding my personality and constructing the way I think and appreciate things that I encounter on a daily basis. One of these, I would like to point out no longer is being developed and still manages to this day to have a strong influence on my life even after its discontinuation nearly 20 years ago. This speaks of the newspaper comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.


I know it seems silly to have so much attachment to something that is so trivial as a newspaper comic but I am finding more and more that much of my generation really latched onto the life lessons that Bill Wattersons characters created for us. I can remember growing up, even long after I had clearly passed Calvins age range, that I could relate to some of the thinking process’s that would get him into trouble or show a brief view as to why a large refrigerator box could become a duplicator device with just those words written on the side and a very colorful imagination. It was hilarious, abstract, absurd, and totally completely awesome and it didn’t need an excuse or explanation whatsoever for it because, well, Calvin was six years old and he was about as predictable as the wind.

Nowadays when I crack open a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip I find myself getting washed away with nostalgia of playing outside, catching fireflies in the summer, building snowmen in the winter, and hating walking to school in the rain. That right there is something I enjoy latching on to because it gives me a constant open avenue that takes me straight back to my childhood in vivid detail. So I bet you can imagine my reaction when I received the COMPLETE Calvin and Hobbes three book, hard cover, collection set for my birthday and how it has basically destroyed every inch of my free time in the past couple of days. Easily one of the best gifts ever and I treat the box set as if it were a priceless heirloom.

Below is the last ever published comic strip of Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson drew for the papers. In some certain ways I always considered this last strip to be one of his best pieces and I always took from it that an ending can always be opened to continue again. I can tell you that it ended on a Sunday, I was eight years old, and I went outside to play.



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