If it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid

I am going to start this blog off with one of my favorite stories that a friend sent me a few years back that I recieved in an email.smart-mouse

A while back a local packing company began recieving phone calls from customers that their regular shipments to clients had only shipped empty boxes and no product. Confused, the higher ups ordered the foreman to take a team of people to inspect the automated packing equipment to ensure that everything was in proper working order. The team had dissected and reassembled the machine without locating even a hair of a problem. Instead the company approved the employment of an engineering firm to devise a sort of “work around” to the problem instead of replacing the entire machine. The engineering firm did an outstanding job by building and programming a scale that would weight each box as it came out on the assembly line and if the boxes weight was too light the entire machine would shut down and set of an alarm. This alarm would then have to be turned off manually near the top of the machines structure by an assigned employee  in order for operations to continue.

As the next couple weeks flew by the packing company was billed quite a reasonable sum of money for the machine and operations proceeded as normal, until one day. As one of the foremen was filling out the days quota in his office he began to notice that the machine had not shut off once in the past two weeks. Panic immediately set in that the scale mechanism was broken and customers were called to see if any of them had received any empty boxes. No one did, not a single customer had an issue. Had the machine fixed itself? A inspection was demanded to ensure what had changed in the machines nature and why the alarms had ceased to trigger. So the foreman and a team of employees again began inspecting the machine. They found their solution at the very end of the assembly line near the scale machine that the engineering firm had built. Ten feet before the scale machine someone had laid an industrial sized fan facing the boxes on full blast with a dumpster on the other side full of empty assembled boxes. The fan would blow the empty boxes into the dumpster if they didnt have any weight in them thus solving the problem of shipping out empty boxes. When asked who thought of this everyone pointed at the assigned employee to restart the machine if the alarm triggered. His response “I hate stairs.

Often times when we encounter a problem we try and think of the most common solution that can fix the problem. And that’s completely okay! I mean if it fixes the problem and everyone knows how to do it then why change it right? Often times I have found, especially in the work enviroment, that there is always an easier way to fix a problem and that we shouldnt be afraid to go searching for it. Now I am not saying by any means that you should attempt to fix the 4 million dollar machine when it breaks down, instead try to fix the minor hiccups that interrupt your work flow and would make your day go smoother. I have found the best way to avoid these hiccups is through preventative measure. For example say that your bundle of fuzz and secretive plotting to kill you animal known as your cat keeps unrolling the entire fucking toilet paper roll by swatting at it. One of the best and simplest solutions I have found is to simply violate the cardinal rule of placing the roll forwards and to place the roll backwards. Thus when the cat swats at the god damn thing it dosent unroll the entire friggin roll which then requires you to re roll it back up and make it look like a giant spiders nest. Illustration  provided.


That tiny solution right there just prevented you from wanted to kick your cats ass to the moon and being the piece of straw that broke the camels back, especially if you have an explosive stomach flu. Of course this dosent sound like much to increase the quality of your day but every little bit helps and if you just take some time the next time a problem is encountered, even if its only 60 seconds, you may find another simple solution to a daily hiccup you keep encountering. And here is the best part about those simple solutions and easy fixes, they STACK on each other and if you stack enough of them on each other your day could potentially be what I call “stupidlittlebullshit” free.  That right there could be a bucket load worth of awesome when it comes to concerning the quality of your day and could turn a really really crappy day into an okay one or an okay day into a good one. So the next time you run into a tiny problem that keeps happening over and over and over again or if its a small issue you are encountering for the first time just think of this little quote “I hate stairs”

Disclaimer: There will be some days  in your lifespan that you absolutely cannot win and it will seem everything will be against you. Those days suck and they can go to hell but they WILL happen. I am just trying to make it a little easier because every day, week, month, and year comes to an end. If anything try to keep that in mind.



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