Weekend Warriors and Punch Clock Professionals Spotlight

In my experience the vast majority of people all end up shooting for the same time of the day. That punch out hour, quitting time, fuckthisshitoclock, and barthirty. We all do it and we all love it. Even that one guy we know that absolutely lives to work has those days where he would rather snort wasabi sauce just to make the clock move one hour ahead and get the hell out of dodge. Nothing feels better than the nirvana of walking out of your place of employment knowing that there are no loose ends and you have either 10- 14 hours in front of you or an entire weekend to do whatever you want. I’ve always related this feeling to being like school without the homework! 

Some of you I am sure have a home and a family to tend to. While others could have different things to look forward too as well such as fixing that muffler, going to your side job, the Internet, or merely hanging out with your friends enjoying a few drinks. The point of the matter is when the end of the day or week hits we find something new to change up the monotony of our eight hour work shift. Most of the time our largest shift in the gears of life happen on Friday night and don’t end  until Sunday afternoon before the reality of the looming Monday begins to sink in. 

Most people are pretty basic when it comes to the Weekend Warrior Technique and that usually entails in cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, and restocking the food supply. Now that works for a lot of people including my parents which is completely okay. Ever since I moved out, close to ten years ago, my parents have been caught in the same weekend routine each Saturday and Sunday and they are completely okay with that. In all honesty if you switch it up my father goes crazy, it messes with his juju or something.  For some other people though it takes more than the home life routine to shake off the work week and recharge. A couple of my friends for example enjoy the age old fun of playing guitar by the fire, enjoy drinking local craft beers, or throwing on a pair of leggings and just relaxing for the weekend with a good book by the beach. 

How I see the big picture is that we all need something that keeps us interested and announces to the world of what we really are when Saturday and Sunday rolls around. We are guitar players, beer drinkers, tinkerers, movie fanatics, writers, thrill seekers, swimmers, karma hunters, and etc etc. One challenge that we constantly face is keeping it interesting enough so that we dont turn our weekend into work. Its unavoidable sometimes, people with kids will understand this, and yes even our favorite hobbies get old after awhile but keeping it interesting can honestly be half the fun. So here is my suggestion to you. Next time your weekend rolls around and you find yourself bored with your regular weekend warrior MO, step outside of the lines if just for an instant and step into someone else’s weekend warrior style. You could be pleasantly suprised and may even add something new to the “What should I do this weekend” list.

After a very heavy night of drinking

Friend: Arnold, why are you wearing Yoga Pants?

Arnold: Because they make my ass look fabulous.

Also credit goes to Cody Arnold for the ‘Tunes by the Fire’ picture at the top and our friend Johnny who actually posed for the pic. If you are interested in looking at any other pictures by Cody he has a website you can check out at  www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/cody-arnold.html


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