That bright ball in the sky.

Living up in New York during the spring, summer, and autumn can be a glorious and wonderful experience of natural scenery that even the most closed in of minds can appreciate. Unfortunately, during the winter months that is not the case. With NY being riddled with lakes, ponds, puddles, and a ridiculous amount of moisture NY’s winter season can just be all around miserable. I myself live in a town that is appropriately been labeled as “Sinus Valley” which in Lehman terms means that the weather and humidity fluctuate so much that you wont be able to breathe out of your nose for a minimum of three months till the cold breaks. If you were blessed with an amazing nose I envy you more than you can imagine.

The winter season up here is not all bad though if you know where to look. I will admit that there is something majestic about hanging out in a random NY micro brew pub (which are everywhere) and watching the snow fall outside while being surrounded by friends and laughter. Although if you are not into that sort of thing I will still encourage you to at least try it by grabbing a good book, obtaining a good view, and enjoying a cold pint while the snow falls outside. The scenery changes dramatically too especially in the winter. Most people will never venture around during this chilly time of year because it just gets too damn cold all the friggin time. If you do manage to locate your multi-layered jacket, puffy pants, and thick boots I would highly recommend heading to one of the state parks. The frozen quiet of these places in the cold can be breathtaking and awe inspiring. Each portion of landscape changes day by day and it will always give you something new to look at. My recommendation for people visiting up from the south is to hit up the buttermilk falls near Owego. Its falls are structured, by nature of course, to kind of look like a staircase. Sadly you cant climb them, but you can at least see them safely from the road without smashing your assbone on a thick sheet of ice. When spring hits though its definitely worth the time to go up the staircase and explore them with a friend.

The Ross Effect

Me: Ross what are you doing? (Me viewing Ross standing out in the parking lot, with no jacket, staring at the sky)

Ross: What the hell is that big bright thing?

Me: ….The sun?

Ross: That’s the sun! That thing never comes out in the winter time!

Me: Is it really that rare to see the sun during this time of year?

Ross: You clearly are not a resident of New York.


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